Sneezing Chicken

Sneezing Chicken

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Sneezing Chicken Me: Awwwwwwww this chicken is sooo cuteee!!!!!!!

Me: Realising I ate KFC 2 days ago......😭😭😭😭😭
Me:actually cries
Bless you
Now this is what i like to see in my youtube recommendations
Why is this on my recomended page?
how did this get in my reccomend
not complaining but still
2012: Nahhh no recommendations.
2013; Nahh
2014: Nahh!
2015: Nahhh
2017: NOPEEEE!
2018; I don’t think soo..
2019; Maybe next decadeeeee
2020; Y e s .
Bless you.
who else found this from Kyle Jenner getting a pig
So much suspense
I love chicken
It's actually means that the chicken has a cold.My pet chicken is sneezing then we realize it actually has a cold.
0:36 is the moment

No need to say thanks !😁
I could be reviewing... But this is for science.
Just so cute .
bless u
youtube recommended me this today, and when i clicked on the video i saw i already liked it.
i'm not disappointed i got to see this again