Owen Neck Boil (furuncle) Treat with Dr. Gonzo!

Owen Neck Boil (furuncle) Treat with Dr. Gonzo!

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Owen Neck Boil (furuncle) Treat with Dr. Gonzo! Illuminate confirmed
lol the bump moves around when he talks, so it's easy to imagine that it's the bump talking.
Dr. Gilmore, why are you nicer and more patient with Gonzo than you are with Gumby. Were I a patient of yours, I'd feel more comfortable with Gumby than Gonzo. Gonzo is silly and unprofessional. Sometimes I cringe when Gonzo is trying to be the center of attention instead of allowing the patient and the procedure to be the focal point.
gumby is a tottie>>>
How come you can treat these in humans, but not dogs?
Just curious, as I know a couple of dogs with furuncles, and the owners tend to get told there's no treatment, and the only thing they can do is keep the area dry and clean, and feed their dogs right.. 🤔 I know you're not a vet, but surely they can't be that much different in dogs?
As always nice vid funny man and sure loved that music at the end made me think of rum sand and dancing !! i'm going south in 2 months to Cuba for about a week so thank you verry much...
what was that?? Fish and an oil pan gasket? You've been hacked or I've been punked, or both.
OMG I live an hour from there Dr Gilmore... Did you also know Johnny Depp is also from there to? We shop there it's the nearest big city to us
ug. just watched this and was trying not to be grossed out and watch to learn ug ug ug.
Oh man, the 7th game of the World Series about gave me a heart attack. I took a train to Chicago though for the parade so it was worth it.

Hope Owen feels better!!
Hey there, Doc and Mr. Owen! Watching in Madisonville, Kentucky, about 50 miles slightly south and west of Owensboro!
Owensboro, Ky.??? I live 40 miles from there. How cool Dr. Gilmore.
I'm curious.  How  many fish do you have?  They are beautiful.
Wow, that one had to hurt before he came to see you Doc.
nice Koi pond doc. What would be the process to getting meta seven in Australia? any red tape I would need to be aware of?
Looked like a mini volcano Dr Gilmore. Hope your all alright. ??
Hey, Owensboro! I'm from Russellville!
ouch! I have boils that won't go away. I put cream on them, they get smaller, then I leave them alone, boom, they get bigger again! it HURTS SO BAD to have them squeezed! I see this and pray they will just go away! I love the other videos!! Seems Gonzo is going to make a great doctor under your kindness.
What is the difference between a boil and an abscess? I thought they were the same thing.
my name's Owen haha