Giant Chicken Brahma Roosters

Giant Chicken Brahma Roosters

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Giant Chicken Brahma Roosters I want 2 of them and i want to fluff them just like i do with my other chickens
Jurrasic Park music starts playing

Me: Makes sense now
We need banana for scale
They don't walk, they ambulate
Can u eat them
Kun thai puwali pam naki
That's a BIG cock!! 🐓👀
Damn they are like Sumo wrestlers 😂
love it! <3
Hi I would absolutely love to hug this chicken or other such chickens of a similar size. What a great birds.
Fog horn leg horn don't have shit on these guys lol
Plllllz i want buy the eggs of this brahmas i from in morocco 00212620045090
they actually look kinda cute, but I guess that's because I love chickens alot
They’re so fluffy!!!!
How much this rooster
This is Disney’s turkey legs are really... lol
Is this type of rooster natural that it has so much feather fur? It looks like a product of selective breeding
like what happened with the dogs in last 100+ years where they changed a lot because of human interference.
How productive is for that rooster to has so much feather in his legs to the point they probably cannot run well
with those feathers, they fell on their feet.