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HOW TO TREAT BOILS EFFECTIVELY WITH ONIONS This was moreeee than helpful. Thank you!
It's very effective.
Thank you very much. You saved me a trip to the hospital. Thank you❤️
What should i do? I have a boil on the outside of my nostril, it hurts when i yawn and open my nose in any way. It hurts all the time, ive been reading through the comments and i really need help please ive never had a boil on my face before. its been like this for the past 2-3 days. I just recently had a boil on the back of my shoulder and i had it popped by a family member. It was really infected and left a scar, i dont want a scar on my face please someone help
Thank you so much. I have a boil now huhu whahahha
Can I use RED ONION cure my pimples???
Can I put a slice of onion, on a boil , when some pus came out already?
My husband have stinky boil on him shoulder - aloe very kill this problem i still have to put onion on the boil after its pus bursted out? thanks
thanks for 🙏💕
It is work?
I have boil at top of my penis at pubic hair part
make video how to treat boil scars
The onions REALLY helped, also tomatoes helped very very much!
I believe my boils come from stress, from being out of balance.
Applicable to kids under 3?
Most effective is turmeric and castor oil.
How am I going to put this on my boob's I can't move right now because of this stupid boils
Please i need a fast reply am having boils on my face the two sides and it's very strong and hard what do i do to heal it ?
Please help me i have a Boil in my penis what to do?

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